Willy Rizzo Photographer and Furniture Designer to the Stars

Italian born Willy Rizzo (1928-2013) is now well known not only for his photography but wonderful furniture design.

His passion for photography started early in life and he had a well documented career working for publications such as LIFE and Paris Match.

Such a career led him to photograph numerous celebrities including Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe thus exposing him to the lives and more importantly homes of the rich and famous.

It is through this exposure that led Rizzo to the world of furniture and interior design. And by 1968 Rizzo’s work was in constant demand. Willy also collaborated with Cassini and Paul Mallet Antiques later in life.

His pieces are simple and unadorned yet recognisable. Many of his designs had pull out tops concealing storage or used combinations of brass and black glass or brass and nickle plate.

At our Capocchi Collingwood showroom we are lucky to have a Willy Rizzo console currently in stock that we would love to show you.