Regional Locations for finding Capocchi

Recently we have started selling from two regional locations, so as to bring the Capocchi style further into Victoria. 

The first place being Platform 5 at 9 Walker St Castlemaine. Run by Phil and Jacqui, Platform 5 is a wonderful treasure trove of vintage, antique and industrial pieces. There is also a focus on Japanese decorative arts. Platform 5 is part of the Mill complex where there are artist studios, places to eat and drink and wonderful spots to sit and soak up the creative vibes. Its certainly a destination.

The second location we have started selling at, is the Antique Centre at Valentines Antique Gallery at 16-22 View St. Bendigo. Worth of a visit simply because of the stunning 162 year old building-the architecture is certainly impressive, particularly the store front counter. Here too there is a diverse range on offer. From the quality English and French Antiques available through Valentines to the contemporary art found in the Artists Hub. And of course all within walking distance to the esteemed Bendigo Art Gallery.

Make sure to add these places to your list of regional destinations and Capocchi will see you in country Victoria!